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Plato Wyngard cover reveal

PW devilspact low res cover.jpg

Plato Wyngard and the Devil's Pact (Book 4)

Plato and Luther are settling in as agents for the Guild of Wolves when they are summoned to the Bavarian Mountains for the reading of a will. The deceased as well as the other guests are a mystery. What are the intentions of their presence? Will they live long enough to find out? An ancient castle, ruthless Nazis, a cursed people and ten deadly assassins stand between Plato and Luther and their freedom. Have Plato and Luther finally met their match?


Plato Wyngard - enthralling and intriguing read.

Extremely adventurous plot, transporting the reader to the location. Couldn't put the book down, reignited my passion for reading.

Deon Cordie


The premise of the story promised a lot, and the book delivered. It rolled along like a rollercoaster, interesting plot elements concerning an intriguing time and place (1976 Vietnam). It had everything I really enjoy in this sort of story. Heroic main characters, terrible villains, realistic action scenes, death defying locations. Not to mention the traps, escapes, mythology and nail biting conclusion. 

Hope this is part of a series.

Brian Donaldson


The Elder Trials

If you love Vikings and quests and adventure (or your kidlets do), then this book is for you. Coming in at around 250 pages, it's not all that long but wow does it pack a punch.

Full of questing and intrigue as well as friendship and all around happy feels, it was a quick and easy read. I will say though, there are a few parts where it may be a little scary (there's a spider the size of a cow that's just *shudder*).

Basically if you think Hunger Games, a little Percy Jackson with some Warrior of the Wilds thrown in. And that ending is just *chefs kiss*

So I suppose all I can say now is when can I have the next one? Please? Not done yet? How about now?

Tasha Leigh


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