The Raven's Prophecy Series

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The Elder Trials

In the Viking village of Greytree, Astrid Mace is different. She is unaware of her roots, her troubled entry into the world and the powers she possesses. Powers she will need if her village is to survive The Elder Trials. All 13 of the Neophytes (children turning 13) in the village must compete and complete in 13 trials. Can the three Lords who rule over Greytree be trusted? What are the Druid’s true motives? Will she uncover the reason behind Erik’s anger and animosity? During an annual trade with another village, Astrid uncovers some dirty dealings. Will she make the right decision? When Greytree is attacked by the Skollreaver Clan will Astrid find her powers, and will they be enough to save those she loves?

Plato Wyngard Series

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Plato Wyngard and the Valley of the Immortals

Chasing answers about his Father’s death, Ex-Special Air Service operative Plato Wyngard finds himself in post war Vietnam, 1976. There he becomes embroiled in a plot by nefarious forces to locate the Jade Cup, a mystical object that has the power to grant immortality.

With the help of his partner Luther Macbeth and a rag-tag assortment of locals he must race against a powerful drug lord and the mysterious Guild of Wolves to retrieve four ancient relics from Vietnamese mythology, only with these items can Plato hope to locate the Jade Cup.

Adventure has a new name.

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Plato Wyngard and the Armour of the Gods

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Plato Wyngard and the Guild of Wolves

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